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From The Language Wiki

A language is a system of communication used to convey thoughts, ideas, and emotions through the use of words, symbols, or signs (sign language). It allows people to share information and express themselves, and can vary in structure, pronunciation, and vocabulary depending on cultural, geographic, and historical factors.

Languages are created over time through a process of evolution and cultural exchange. There are several theories about the origin of language, including the social evolution theory, which suggests that language developed as a way to improve cooperation and communication among early humans, and the biological theory, which suggests that language is an innate human ability.

Over time, languages change and evolve as people adopt new words, modify existing ones, and influence each other's speech through cultural exchange and migration. Some languages may also die out if they are no longer spoken by a significant number of people or if a new dominant language takes its place.

Overall, languages are a complex and dynamic system that reflects the cultural and historical context of the people who use them.